Contact Services

Enhanced NACCC Accredited, Little Acorns Contact Suites aims to provide a completely flexible environment with multi-use functionality.

Our contact centre is based just outside Haverhill in Suffolk in a quiet rural setting. Purpose-built we can cater for contact between couples and families in all circumstances whether that be parent and families, neutral ground for adults in mediation or counseling sessions.

Supervised Contact

We can provide co-ordination and provision of supervised contact on behalf of local children’s services, whether children are in Local Authority or independent care; assessing and informing children’s services in their decision making.

We offer children’s escorting services to and from contact and can be flexible in providing separate waiting areas and staggered arrival and departure times to meet the needs of the individual case.

Our supervisors are qualified social work professionals and can provide two levels of support session report should they be required.

Supported Contact

Supported contact services at Little Acorns involves use of the facilities in a secure setting, with all the amenities
available to you. Little Acorns staff are on hand to assist if required but do not play a part in the contact session itself and do not provide any form of reporting.

If you would like to find out more about the Contact services we offer, click here for our brochure or call us on 01440 732010 to talk to one of our friendly members of staff.