What is Fostering?

Foster care is when a child or young person is cared for by a person or people who are not members of their own birth family.

In most cases the foster child lives with you full time, but the length of their stay depends on their individual needs.

Foster care is not like adoption, it is not a permanent arrangement and you will be paid an allowance to look after the child.

When a child is placed with you, you will form part of the professional team around the child, working with social workers and other professionals to make sure the child gets the care they need. You may also have contact with the birth parents and families of the child to support their ongoing relationship and help them return home.

There are a wide range of foster care placements ranging from Short Term to Long Term, Parent and Child, Children with disabilities to name but a few

Children come into care at all ages up to 18 and in some cases remain in “staying put’ placements beyond.

Little Acorns recruits, trains, and supports new and existing carers undertaking proper matching processes to find the right placements for them and to ensure our carers know how to foster.

Foster care is hugely satisfying, extremely rewarding and great fun.