About Us

About Us

Everyone at Little Acorns dedicates their combined knowledge and skills to the recruitment, training and support of foster carers. Through this we achieve long-term, stable placements for children in care.

Our Contact Centre

We are a family-run business with many years of experience in Fostering and strive to offer the very best services for children and the foster families committed to looking after them. Our ethos is centered on reflective practice and developing the service with the needs of the child at the heart.

Our commitment and passion to supporting our fantastic fostering families is second to none. It’s at the forefront of our journey together. We want to remain a small, personable agency to avoid dilution of the service and achieve a personal touch to the carers and children alike.

“Our commitment and passion to families who are prepared to devote their time and efforts to such an emotional, yet rewarding task is second to none and at the forefront of our journey together.”

Cheryl Jillions – Registered Manager

Carers and children have easy access to all levels of the Little Acorns team any time of the day and not just when a crisis occurs. Great strides are attempted to achieve the most positive outcomes for children in care and through the intense support and reassurance we provide, stability and belonging can and has been attained.