Young People’s FAQ

We know that it can be really scary for a young person coming into care, so we have put together the list below of questions and answers that we think might be on your mind.. if you have any questions that arent on this list, drop our friendly team a call or email and we’ll do our best to answer you.

Will I have my own room?

Yes, your room will be your space and will not be shared with any other child unless you’re coming with one of your siblings and you are able to share a room.

Can I see /speak to my family?

As long as this is agreed by your social worker, plans will be put in place so you know when and for how long your contact will be with family members.

Can I see my friends?

Yes, we encourage you to see your friends as much as is possible.

Will I be allowed to go out?

Of course! You’ll just need to ensure that we know where you will be going and negotiate a time for you to return

Is the food nice?

We hope so! You can discuss with your carer, things you like and dislike and can go shopping with them sometimes and choose the things you like (as long as you choose plenty of vegetables too!!)

Are the carers nice?

All of our carers are lovely! If you are unhappy about something, you can tell us all about it in an email or when we visit you. Our carers know that you have parents and are there to keep you safe and look after you. They will never try to take over the role of your mum and dad.

Do the carers have other children?

Sometimes there are other looked after children or the carers own children living in the foster home, sometimes not.

Will I get pocket money?

Yes, depending on your age, you will receive a set amount each week. We put the same amount away for you in a savings account too.

Will I be allowed to go to the same school?

More often than not, children and young people can go to the same school. It depends how far away the school is. your social worker will aim to keep you in the same school as we will.

Will I get to do activities?

Loads! Clubs and holidays too!

Will there be rules?

Yep! But not too many and these will be explained to you when you arrive. Things like, turn the TV off at a certain time on a school night, that sort of thing.

What time will I have to go to bed?

This depends on how old you are and whether it’s a school night or the weekend. Again, this is something we will agree with you.

Can I have friends to stay over? And can I go and stay with them sometimes?

You sure can! Your social worker will have to agree this and as long as we have met your friends and their parents, this will be possible.

Will I get presents for my Birthday and Christmas?

You sure will and you can tell the foster carers things you may like so they can let Santa Claus know in advance.

Can I have my mobile phone?

You can but we will need to make sure you are using it safely.

If I’m unhappy, who can I tell?

You can speak to your social worker or the foster carer or there are nice people at the agency that you will get to know. You may even want to talk to your favorite teacher.

What time will I have to be home if I’m out seeing friends?

A time will be agreed with you and your foster carer.