Little Acorns received an “Outstanding” rating following Ofsted’s inspection in August 2017.

“The independent fostering agency provides highly effective services that consistently exceed the standards of good. The actions of the independent fostering agency contribute to significantly improved outcomes and positive experiences for children and young people.”

According to the report……

“This independent fostering agency is outstanding because:

  • The agency makes a great difference in children’s lives.
  • Meticulous matching of placements promotes the children’s stability.
  • Children benefit from nurturing homes where they thrive. They develop lifelong supportive and meaningful relationships with their foster carers.
  • The children feel safe, loved and valued. Their carers and the agency have high aspirations for them, which helps them to succeed.
  • The children are secure in the knowledge that their carers will support and advocate for them. The children develop positive relationships with the agency staff, who are easily accessible to them at all times.
  • Due to the help and support they receive, the children individually make excellent progress. They grow in confidence, independence and maturity, which contributes to their increased self-esteem.
  • The agency works extremely well in partnership with the children, parents and other agencies to promote positive outcomes for the children.
  • Children’s views are central to all aspects of care and support. The agency has been highly creative in its partnership with the children. As a result, levels of engagement between the children and the agency are exceptional.
  • Carers and children who foster are extremely well supported. They feel respected
    and highly valued.”

Click here to view our 2017 Ofsted Report

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We will post all inspection reports here as they become available.