“C” on being in Care

Hello! I’m C and I’m 16. I’ve been in care for three years now and I love it!

When I first came into care I really hated it because I thought I’d never see my family again. However, over the years, being in care has bought me and my family members closer together.

It’s not been an easy ride. I have struggled to live within a family that I didn’t know very well. I came into care from home and I didn’t want to. It was hard because I didn’t understand why it was happening to me and I would say that I was on a bit of a self-destruct. I would isolate myself in my room and not really participate with the family because it felt uncomfortable.

This changed a little over time but I realised that actually the foster home I was in didn’t really match for me. I was moved and since this time have found my fabulous foster family.

I think this is because there are other kids in care that live there too and this helps me to feel more at home and express myself more confidently.

I think you should become a foster carer because one day you’ll be able to help someone like me and whilst it may not be the perfect match at first, you’ll find the kid out there that needs you.

If you can be firm but fair, have a sense of humour, care but understand we still have a family and loyalties to our parents, then apply now. There are hundreds of young people out there like me that without a foster home, I’m sure I would not be the happy settled, ambitious person I am today.