Foster Care Fortnight is taking place from 8th to 21st May – but do you know what it’s all about?

Foster Care Fortnight is the UK’s biggest foster care awareness-raising campaign and is delivered solely by the leading fostering charity; The Fostering Network. For 20 years the campaign has showcased the fantastic commitment, passion and dedication of foster carers throughout the United Kingdom. It is a great way of supporting fostering services throughout the country and highlighting the need for more foster carers. Children in care need thousands of foster carers every year. The greatest in need are older children, sibling groups, disabled children and unaccompanied asylum-seeking children.

Showcasing The Great Work Foster Carers Do

Those involved in fostering are passionate about the difference fostering can make to the lives of young people in care. This campaign works as a fantastic way to showcase the difference fostering has made to families. Fostering can change the lives of foster carers and their families as well as the children themselves. For those who have had their lives transformed by fostering, this is the perfect opportunity to tell their stories. By doing so they will also raise the profile of fostering and help attract more foster carers to come forward.

New Carers Needed

The Foster Care Fortnight is primarily for the recruitment of new foster carers and retention of current carers. It has been calculated that in the last year alone, there was a need for over 9000 new foster families. Now is an important time to begin raising the profile of fostering. The aim is to make it clear what the specific needs are for foster carers in all areas. All fostering services are under pressure with the need to recruit more foster carers.

At Little Acorns, we know the importance of Foster Care Fortnight; we do what we can to raise the foster profile during the fortnight and all year round. If you’re interested in getting involved, you can find more information regarding the Foster Care Fortnight over on The Fostering Networks website.

Alternatively, why not get in touch with us here at Little Acorns? You can contact a member of the team via our contact page or by giving us a call on 01440 732010.