Little Acorns recognises the challenges of the fostering task and the vital role that foster carers play within the community.

We firmly believe in treating our foster carers as child care professionals and making sure they have all the right resources including an allowance to fulfil the task.

The current allowance starts at £365 per week per child in placement for a newly approved carer. This rises, after the first year, to £385 per week, on completion of your TDS. Additional allowances push this up to £570 depending on the complexity of the placement. Parent and Child placements start at £600 per week.

The allowance covers aspects such as Food, Clothing, Toiletries and Pocket Money/Savings etc, all the things you would spend on your own child.

Foster carers are treated as self-employed for tax purposes and the tax allowances are generous; meaning very little, if any, tax is paid on it.

Further information about tax and national insurance is available on HM Review and Customs website at