Are there any age barriers to become a foster carer?

There is no legal minimum age to become a foster carer…

…however, there is an expectation that foster carers will have sufficient life experience. Experience is essential to meet the needs of children in care and age is a factor in this; every case is looked at individually.

There is also no official upper age limit to become a foster carer and many older people make excellent carers, providing they are fit and able to look after a young person. The older generation bring a wealth of skills and experience to the task and many young people in care find it easier to relate to an older person.

Fostering teenage children is often the preference of the older generation as teens have semi-independence. Teens can be less demanding than younger children who require constant supervision.

Other factors to consider

Other factors to become a foster carer will include:

  • Your health – are you fit and able to foster for now and the foreseeable future?
  • Your financial security – can you afford to foster?
  • Your home – do you have a spare room and is it safe for a child or young person?
  • Your friends and family – are there people who will support you to foster?
  • Your past – whether you have lived abroad and any previous convictions.
  • Your experience with children and young people – through family, work, or volunteering.

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