Maz and Steve on their Fostering Experience

We have been a Fostering Family for 12 years and during that time we have had a number of young people come and live with us.

Some short term, some long term and one young man who is now 25 years old and still with us after 10 years.

There have been ups and downs, laughter and tears. Even times when we’ve questioned whether or not to continue.

Fostering is not for everyone, it is a 24 hour a day commitment to young people who are looking for a home, someone to help and guide them, someone to love them. To help them face their challenges in life and to support them and keep them safe. Some young people move on quite quickly, while others will remain for a number of years. Every young person is different, every situation is different, but with Little Acorns the help and support is there 24/7 for their Carers and young people. And we really do mean at all times. If you need to call at 2am there will be a voice on the other end of your phone, to help, support and guide you.

Some of our teenagers who have moved on with their lives to this day remain in contact with us. We get to continue to be a part of their lives, to see them succeed and grow and become young adults and in some cases start families of their own.

Being a Foster Carer for Little Acorns is like a family all of its own. With Carers supporting each other and being there when needed, someone to chat to. Little Acorns offering activities for young people and support groups for their Carers as well as regular Training.

Fostering is a Commitment. Fostering is a privilege.

Maz and Steve

Foster Carers for Little Acorns