Nikki’s thoughts on being a foster carer

I have been a foster carer for 14 years. Over this time my family have had many children stay with us, sometimes for days, sometimes for years.

Fostering is a challenging yet rewarding experience and I’m proud to be a part of the Little Acorns Fostering team!

I know no matter how long a child has stayed with us that we have given them a positive experience of family life that they will hold on to forever.

As a foster carer you are the child’s parent, family, councillor, advocate, teacher and playmate. Fostering has made me a more patient, resilient and a stronger person. The best reward is when a young person can move into society and function well and have a happy life with a family of their own, overcoming some of their trauma.

I could never imagine not being a foster carer now. Bring on the next 14 years.

Nikki Flowers
Foster Carer for Little Acorns